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LENTIS Comfort

Short description

LENTIS Comfort
The comfortable solution for your patients with cataract Read more>

Key Features

  • Excellent intermediate and far vision
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity for an improved twilight vision
  • Optimised depth of focus
  • Natural imaging quality and color sensitivity
  • Aspheric optic and true sharp 360° continuous barrier effect
  • Aberration neutral and rotation stable

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Type Foldable one-piece acrylic IOL
Optic size 6.0 mm
Overall length 11.0 mm
Haptic angulation
Optic design Biconvex | Aspherical surface - posterior, sector-shaped nearvision segment - anterior: +1.5D
Central Thickness 0.97 mm (+22.0D)
Design Optic and haptics with square edges,posterior 360° continuous barrier effect
Material HydroSmart® - a copolymer, consisting of acrylates with hydrophobic surface, UV absorbing
Available diopters ±0.0D to +36.0D (0.5D)
Refractive index 1.46
Est. A-factor [acoustic] 118.0
Est. A-factor [optical] 118.2 (SRK/T)
Anterior chamber depth 4.97 mm
Recom. incision size 2.2 mm / 2.6 mm
Recommended injector [reusable] Injector:
Viscoject-1-hand: LI604205
Viscoject-2-hand: LI604215
Viscoject BIO 1.8 Cartridge-Set: LP604250C (max. 25.0D)
Viscoject BIO 2.2 Cartridge-Set: LP604240C
Recommended injector-sets [disposable] Viscoject BIO 1.8 Injector-Set: LP604350C (max. 25.0D)
Viscoject BIO 2.2 Injector-Set: LP604340C


For demanding patients with cataract who mostly perform their daily activities by focusing on objects at the intermediate distance - such as working at the computer or driving a car -  the intraocular lens LENTIS® Comfort is a convenient treatment option which goes far beyond the results achieved with standard solutions. In particular, at a distance of -60 cm and more, its special lens design provides enhanced viewing experience.